William "Iron Wolf" Stewart

Battlesuited hero from a destroyed Earth


William Stewart aka Iron Wolf was born on an Earth which was similar to ours all the way up to the late 20th century. In William’s world, however, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact was only the beginning of a worldwide peace and the formation of a true worldwide government, called the New Earth Government (NEG). Not all people or all countries were happy with this, but there were few major violent conflicts resulting, only fairly small terrorist or insurgent actions that the NEG Military was able to keep a lid on. In the face of what was largely a global peace, people turned to the stars and began to settle areas outside of Earth. Orbital colonies and cities on the Moon began to spring up and, as technology advanced, plans were made to begin a small Martian settlement as a base for mining and resource gathering in the Asteroid belt. In 2067, the year William was born, the first Martian city (Ares Station) began construction. Ares Station was completed in 2084, the year that William recieved his degree in electronic engineering. William was a prodigee and progressed through school at an astonishing rate. Graduating college at the age of 17, he appeared to have a bright future ahead of him.

Unfortunately, only 6 months after William graduated, Ares Station went offline. All communication ceased. The last thing transmitted was a shaky almost indecipherable video, some unusual telemetry from the station’s sensors, and a call for help. William had been hired for a company which had worked on many of the systems on Ares Station and he was of many brought into figure out what had gone wrong so a rescue mission could be begun. But three months later, the whole world knew what had gone wrong as a fleet of alien starships appeared in lunar orbit and began landing troops to attack.

The NEG Military forces on the Moon were small in number and quickly wiped out. Every human on the moon was rounded up and slaughtered like animals, then all man-made settlements were razed to the ground. The orbital colonies and stations were next. The NEG rushed forces up to help defend them, but possessed no true warships. Humanity was badly outclassed technologically. Military thinktanks were established to try and close the technological gap even as the last orbital colonies were being destroyed with no survivors. William was assigned to one such thinktank.

No attempt at communication with the aliens were answered. No living prisoners were ever taken. The aliens themselves were a horrifying combination of flesh and metal. They had four spider-like legs and their bestial eye-less head was set into the center of their torso. Six tentacle-like appendages with three fingered hands protruded from the top of their torso. Each alien was almost 10 feet tall and almost as wide as a passenger car, especially in their bulky armor. The aliens each carried two energy weapons similar to rifles that could knock out an APC in a single hit and were accurate to hundreds of meters.

The aliens weren’t long in attacking Earth itself, but the fight was more even there. Even so, the aliens slowly pushed the NEG forces back and killed everything in their path. Three long years, William and his team worked on perfecting a suit of powered armor that would allow Human soldiers to fight on an equal footing with the alien monstrosities. Finally, they achieved a breakthrough and the first Paladin-series power armor began to roll out and to the troops. The reward for this success for William was being assigned to the front lines to help teach the troopers how to use the armor. He was assigned to 1st Batallion of the 57th Assault Dragoon regiment. Nicknamed the “Iron Wolves”, the regiment had been fighting since the beginning of the war, first in Australia, now in North America. William, though not a natural born soldier, fought hard and well and earned a valued place in the unit surviving five years of fighting.

Despite the Paladin armor and the slew of other technological advances that Humanity made, it was clear that humanity was doomed. Five years into the war and the human population was down to a few million. A final, desperate plan was enacted. Using stolen technology, the survivors would attempt to escape Earth and flee somewhere where the aliens hopefully couldn’t or wouldn’t follow. Special transport and rescue units attempted to gather as many survivors as possible and bring them to the secret facility in Denver where the dimensional gate was being built.

But as the gate was finally opened and those few survivors started to move through it, the aliens finally found the hidden base and launched an all out attack. Of the millions of people trying to escape, less than 70,000 made it before the gate itself was destroyed. William was one of the only soldiers to escape the slaughter, having been on the recon team which was scouting the far side of the dimensional gate. They found themselves in an alternate history and world than the one they knew, but they were at least safe from the mysterious genocidal aliens.

The US government, faced with what were essentially thousands of refugees, initially didn’t know what to do with them all. When it became apparent that the refugees often had a degree of knowledge that was beyond what the world at large knew, the US decided to officially (though secretly) allow them to stay. The gov’t would help the refugees in exchange for their assistance in advancing medicine, space travel, and other endevours. William was reluctant to again help build a weapon of war and instead hid his own Paladin armor, instead claiming to be an aerospace engineer.

Two years after arriving on this Earth, bored with his job, and frustrated at seeing the state of injustice that the world was in, William took up his armor again, called himself the Iron Wolf as the last remaining member of his old regiment, and began to fight criminals and self-proclaimed villians. Much to his surprise, he was hailed as a hero and recieved a stunning amount of attention for his works. It felt good to be helping and protecting people again, so William has continued on as the Iron Wolf since.

William "Iron Wolf" Stewart

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