Kalor Val

Jedi Knight in the New Sith Wars era


Name: Kalor Val (Now Deceased/Force Ghost)
Species: Human
Class: Jedi 7/Scout 1/Jedi Knight 2
Destiny: Rescue
Force Points: 6
Destiny Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 0
Max Hit Points: 95
Base Attack Bonus: +9
Speed: 6

Strength: 12 (+1)
Dexterity: 16 (+3)
Constitution: 12 (+1)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 15 (+2)

Fortitude Defense: 24
Reflex Defense: 27
Will Defense: 26
Damage Threshold: 24

Acrobatics (+13), Initiative (+13), Knowledge: Galactic Lore (+12), Perception (+13), Stealth (+13), Use The Force (+17)

Force Sensitive, Weapon Proficiency (Lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons), Skill Focus (Use the Force), Force Training (3), Quick Draw, Weapon Finesse, Unstoppable Force

Block, Deflect, Elusive Target, Soresu, Evasion, Defensive Acuity

Force Powers -
Mind Trick (2), Battle Strike (3), Move Object, Rebuke, Negate Energy, Force Shield, Surge, Force Slam, Sever Force

Lightsaber (2 focus crystals), Utility Belt (and everything in it), Spacers Chest, Mesh Tape (2), short range commlink, double lightsaber, all-temperature cloak, spare clothes, frag grenade,



Kalor Val was born on the Inner Rim planet of Cilpar as the third of five children. His father was a planetary biologist and his mother a shuttle pilot. Kalor was discovered by the Jedi Order almost by accident as a Jedi Watchman was refueling his ship on-planet when he sensed Kalor. Despite a great many protests and suggestions that the Jedi was committing kidnapping, Kalor was taken to the Jedi Praxeum on the planet of Arkania. Kalor took well to training and. at the age of 12, was chosen to be the Padawan learner of Horan Lar’el, a Bpfasshi Jedi who had recently been Knighted. Horal was a thorough and exacting teacher, educating Kalor in a wide variety of abilities and knowledge, but Honal never allowed the two of them to become very friendly with each other. The relationship was polite, but distant.

When Kalor was 15, Honal was sent on a mission to the Outer Rim territories, leaving Kalor behind on Arkania. Honal never returned from his trip, but Kalor never sensed his Master’s death. Kalor’s attempts to learn more about the mission or Honal’s fate were met with vague replies that never really answered any questions. Kalor was sent to Coruscant to continue his training and encouraged to let go of his past history with Honal. Since Kalor had never been especially close with his Master, he had little difficulty moving on. However, his natural curiosity never let him completely forget about the incident.

On Coruscant, Kalor was paired with Delai Ars, a female Togrutan Master whose previous apprentice had died in a speeder accident several months previous. Delai was a demanding, but fair, teacher and pushed Kalor very hard. She was especially exacting when it came to Kalor’s lightsaber skills, which she insisted were very poor. Despite such harsh training, Kalor and Delai developed a close rapport. Kalor realized that she pushed him hard because she saw the potential in him and she didn’t want to fail him as she felt that she had her previous apprentice. When Kalor was 16, Delai decided that he was old enough and skilled enough to accompany her off world on some missions for the Jedi Order.

When Kalor was 20, he and Delai were on Gyndine on the trail of a particularly violent and bloody group of anti-Republic terrorists when they were attacked by a group of men in red armor with an unfamiliar crest on their chest. The men were clearly prepared to fight lightsaber users and were armed with unusually designed vibroblades made of phrik alloy as well as blasters and grenades. Kalor and Delai held off their attackers long enough for local security forces to arrive, forcing the men in red to retreat, taking their dead and their weapons with them. Master Delai was crippled in the attack, losing both legs and much of her left arm to a grenade which got past her defenses. Kalor was also seriously wounded and bloodied, though not nearly as badly as his Master. Most notable was a sword wound which ran nearly the entire length of his left arm and had cut to the bone. More serious were the mental scars from not only his own near death, but from the near death of Delai who was the closest thing he had to a parent.

Although Master Delai was saved and she was fitted with cybernetic prosthetics, she was never the same in abilities or confidence and she admitted as much to Kalor. Instead, she recommended to the Council that Kalor be accounted a full Jedi and be granted all the privileges accordingly. After some discussion, the Council agreed that Kalor had functionally passed the Trials of Skill, Flesh, and Courage in his battle against the men in red with his Master, but Kalor still needed to face the Trial of the Spirit. Kalor entered the Chamber of Trials…and failed, unable to move past his fear of losing Master Delai and the faded sense of rejection lingering from his interactions of Master Honal.

The Council would not and could not consider Kalor a Jedi Knight yet, but instead found a suitable compromise. Kalor would work with a small group of people independently of Master Delai , freeing him of some of the attachment he felt for her. Working with a small group would help negate the feeling of rejection from years ago. Kalor agreed to this, immediately seeing the wisdom in it. His tasks with the group would be manifold, but he was to especially mindful of finding out more information about the mysterious group which had attacked him. The Council informed he and Delai that they had not been the first Jedi attacked by the group, but very little was known otherwise.

Physical Description

Kalor is 1.65 meters tall and weighs 62kg, making him both short and slim for a human. His hair is blue-black and color and both his beard and his hair are kept short and neat aside from the apprentice braid near his left temple. He has pale skin and blue eyes and is considered reasonably handsome. His Jedi tunic is grey in color with black boots and his Jedi robes are a dark blue in color, but otherwise both are typical in cut and style. His Master encouraged some small bits of individualism in things like the color of his clothing. His lightsaber has a rather long hilt (almost long enough to be mistaken for a double lightsaber) and projects a blue-green blade.

Kalor Val

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